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Brian D. Poe delivers.

Experienced White Collar Crimes Attorney

White collar crime is a serious category of criminal charges that can come with more severe sentencing than other types of crimes. The sentence for a white collar crime conviction can be as severe as decades in prison. The first step to avoid these consequences in your case is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Brian D. Poe is someone you can trust to fight for you through every step of your defense case. He is a Texas attorney who values honesty, integrity and dedication in his practice, and he is ready to guide you through the challenges of your white collar crime charges.

Representation You Can Count On

The details of any criminal defense case are the key to a successful defense. With more than a decade of experience, attorney Poe can help you fight charges related to:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Money laundering

Most white collar crimes are federal offenses, and these cases can be extremely complicated, calling for meticulous attention to detail, paired with comprehensive knowledge of the law. Attorney Poe can provide your defense with the skill, knowledge and drive necessary to secure the outcome you deserve in your case. He knows how serious the consequences of a conviction can be, and he stops at nothing to fight for his clients until the very end.

Someone To Stand By You

White collar crime charges are nothing to underestimate. When your rights, future and freedom are at stake, let an attorney you can trust fight against your criminal charges. Call Mr. Poe’s Fort Worth office at 817-857-4644 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation here. He offers services throughout the state.