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Disputing Health Care Fraud Charges

When a medical professional is accused of health care fraud, their entire career can be on the line. The decades a doctor has dedicated to education and practicing medicine could all be for nothing if they were to lose their license for health care fraud. Even a license suspension can be an irrevocable blemish on an otherwise clean record, which is why it is so vital to put up your strongest defense against the charges.

Brian D. Poe knows what is at stake in a health care fraud case, which is why he takes these cases as seriously as his clients to protect their licenses and their future. He provides honest, compassionate and committed representation to clients throughout Texas from his Fort Worth office, and he is ready to provide you with the same representation.

Building The Defense You Need

There are many causes of health care fraud, including taking kickbacks for prescribing medication or treatments, falsifying medical bills with costs that never took place, or prescribing treatments and medications that are unnecessary to increase the patient’s bill.

To fight against whatever health care fraud charges you may be facing, attorney Poe takes the time to gather all of the necessary information in your unique case so he can build a personalized strategy to defend your best interest. He does not settle for less in defense cases and is prepared to fight for the outcome you deserve in your case.

Defend Your License With A Skilled Lawyer

Health care fraud charges can mean the end of a medical professional’s career, but it does not have to. If you are facing these charges, call Brian D. Poe, Attorney at Law PLLC at 817-857-4644 or click this link for the legal defense you deserve. The sooner you reach out to attorney Poe, the sooner he can begin fighting to protect your profession license.